• Kayoko Tsuchiya

Mantra Capital launches $60m tech fund for India, US startups

US-based Mantra Capital, a cross-border early-stage venture capital fund, is launching a US$60 million fund to focus on deep tech investments. The fund has already raised US$24 million, according to a statement.

Seekers Base Japan is Mantra Capital's strategic partner in Japan, provide innovation /design accerelation/market entry service for their investees.

The fund, established by entrepreneurs Jay Krishnan, Srikanth Chintalapati, and Kevin Jacobs, will back startups working for human good in sectors like agritech, food, sustainability, circular economy, and health care.

Mantra said it has started scouting for initial investments in Singapore, India, and international markets including the US. It is looking to fund startups in seed and pre-series A stages that are developing solutions with AI, machine learning, blockchain, photonics, and robotics.

Krishnan and Chintalapati will be focusing on investments in India, while Jacobs will handle the US deal flow, according to the statement.


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