• Kayoko Tsuchiya

Japanese Gov push to position itself as the front runner of innovation while population declines.

Updated: Feb 3

Japan is very slow in making changes but when it does they do with in great force. With innovation moving rapidly around the world, can Japan truly prove that AI can resolve issues we interface in the future? One thing we must do is to promote international open innovations by creating lean environments with less hierarchy and test beds without stiff legal constraints. Also creating dynamic environment to work with oversee IP owners and researchers with more integrated approach in creating a real impact instead of linear and close practices.

Japanese government are promoting

For Japan and elsewhere in the world, it will be innovation that unquestionably will resolve the issues we face in the future. Japan is committed to being the very first country to prove that it is possible to grow through innovation even when its population declines. Japan is rapidly moving toward “Society 5.0”, adding a fifth chapter to the four major stages of human development: hunter-gatherer, agrarian, industrial and information. In this new ultra-smart society, all things will be connected through IoT technology and all technologies will be integrated, dramatically improving the quality of life. To realize this new era, the Government of Japan is doing everything it can to encourage various players, including start-ups and “hidden gems” among small- and medium-sized enterprises, to come up with brand-new and innovative ideas, to provide the world with solutions.


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